CNC machining services

17+ years experience in precision machining

Ruixing MFG is a CNC machining services supplier with 17+ years of CNC machining history.We provide CNC turning lathe machining services,CNC milling machining services,CNC turning milling compound machining services,CNC laser cutting services,sheet metal services,3D printing services and other post services. For example EDM,Wire EDM,Grinding,Knurling,Welding,assembling service,surface finshed.

CNC turning service

With equipped 15 sets CNC lathe machines, many high precision cnc turning parts we can produce such as bushing, sleeve, spacer, washer, stud, pin, shaft, wheel, thread bolt, nut, sensor housing, coupling, nipple, adapter, nozzle, shift knob, button etc.

Tolerance:+/-0.005 – 0.1mm
Machinable range:Diameter 1.0-320mm

CNC milling service

Equipped 18 sets CNC milling center including HASS and Brother CNC milling machine.Our team are very careful ,responsible,very strict with product quality and rich experience of 15 years. We provide high precision 3 axis,4 axis,5 axis CNC milling machining parts.

Machinable range:800(L)x 600(w) x 500 (H)mm

CNC turning milling compound services

Equipped 5 sets CNC turning milling compound machining machine, we provide CNC turning milling compound machining services. CNC machining parts with drilling hole,flat position,thread hole,hexagon shape, slot can be produced by one process.This can get better accuracy,raise efficiency and reduce machining cost.

Machinable range:
Diameter 1.0-45.0mm

CNC laser cutting/sheet metal

We can provide CNC laser cutting service for metal and plastic plate when the parts do not need high precision dimension requirements. Also we provide sheet metal parts made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel and welding, surface finshed.

Ra1.6-3.2(Ra63-Ra63)based on material
Machinable range:
thickness for CNC laser cuttingthickness for sheet metal:

3D printing services

SLA SLS 3D printing services can provided. It is used for many industries. For example consumer products,industries paroducts,dental products,architectural scale models,prototype,etc.

Other fabrication services

Except CNC turning milling machining, We provide other post machining process. Such as plane grinding,circular grinding,pattern knurling,diamond knurling,Wire-EDM,EDM,water jet cutting,gun drilling,dewaxing casting,powder metallurgy,MIM,extrusion,laser welding,press rivet process,assembly,etc.